Monday, July 2, 2012

Swim Lesson Success

The girls completed their first session of swim lessons. After eight-half-hour sessions within a two week time period the girls gained significant confidence in the water. They both are now comfortable floating on their backs, putting their mouth and nose in the water, holding their breath, kicking off the wall, and jumping in the water. They have started working on swimming to someone from the wall and back. They are also very comfortable when they get fully emerged in water- no longer do run for a towel and wipe their eyes. We have said our final goodbyes to the floaties (thought I hesitate to actually throw them away in case of emergencies), we have graduated the girls to the swim noodle. They have quickly figured out how to practice their kicks and stokes while having their head in the water using just the swim noodles.
We have signed the girls up for another swim lesson session towards the end of the summer, simply because they loved it so much and also think it will be a great reinforcement of what they have learned thus far and what I plan on teaching them at our own pool in the coming weeks. These ladies just might be independent swimmers before our summer is done! Who knows? The olympic trials have been inspiring them, they love watching the swim races!
They love thier teacher Miss Amy- I think she is the reason they have done so well!

Lola floating, Ellie kicking.
Ellie floating all on her own.
Holding their breath...
Ellie is floating and Lola is trying to walk on water.
Stay tuned for future updates on the little ladies' swimming skills.

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