Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Soccer Champs!

Last week marked the end of the soccer season for our not-so-official soccer league, The Destroyers! All in all the mommy-made (and daddys too) Saturday morning soccer play date was a success. All of the kids had fun together, learned a bit about soccer, and in the end played a game that resembled a soccer game. During our 45 min-ish soccer practices we played red-light-green-light, flag tag, follow the leader, goal kick challenges; we practiced throw ins, dribbles,  goalie duties, and three practices we actually played soccer. Though for the kiddos the highlight of practice was of course snack time, but who cam blame them. Here are some highlight pictures of the season! 

Amy (you can call her the official team mom) organized an award ceremony after the last practice. It was cute- the kids felt so special getting their award and a framed picture of themselves! Of course the kids are only between the ages of 2 and 4 so everyone got a first place award in something. Lola received the first place ribbon for best Flag Tag Player and Ellie received the first place ribbon for best Throw-ins.

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