Saturday, August 25, 2012

Staycation San Diego

Tony, the girls, and I headed up north about 40 minutes to spend the last full week of summer together at the Welk resort in Escondido. It was a perfect staycation and an even better way to celebrate yet another wonderful summer! The girls had a nickname for this vacation, they called it "Vacation Seven Pools" As you will see from the pictures we spent a lot of time swimming, which quick frankly is all the girls would want to do on their vacation anyway. Not only did it have seven pools but it had two splash pads, a golf course to frolic on, and a magic couch that made into a bed. Needless to say the girls had a fabulous staycation!
Our pool time at the "Mountain Springs Pool"

 Another day at "Mountain Springs Pool"


Our condo looked out onto the 15th hole.
After golf  hours the girls had fun taking advantage of the perfect grass and ample space to run and play! Most evening others kids would join them on the golf course. They made many new friends. It was really cute to watch them venture out and play with their new buddies.

While the girls played with their friends daddy and I manned the BBQ.
(pictures courtesy of Lola)

Cookie Party Time
Every night we had to bake cookies and while the cookies baked the girls insisted on jumping on their "Magic Bed" They referred to it as their magic bed because of course it was a couch in the morning and a bed in the evening.

Our friend Lindsay and her family are members at the Welk so we had the pleasure of spending some swim time with them one day too! All four kiddos, Lola, Ellie, Lexi, and Declan,  loved jumping off the wall together- It was too cute!

Night Swimming!!
YES, It was vacation and we let the girls stay up late to experience night swimming for the very first time. As kid I can remember nothing better than swimming under the lights on a warm summer night!

Four days of swimming two plus times a day equaled some very tired girls.

What a great week!
Got to love family many good memories made!

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