Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Staying Cool

For the last week and a half San Diego has had a bit of a heat wave going on... it's a good thing we are not limited on our options for staying cool in this great city.
We hit the "Beach Park" with Tony's best bud Chris and his little ones Solana and Bryce!

On a whim my neighbor Candice and I took the girls to the bay for a lesson in Paddle Boarding. The girls absolutely loved playing around on this board (to be honest mom loved it too). Paddle boarding might be my new favorite pass time. On a side note, the day before Tony, the girls, and I were at the beach and Lola and Ellie actually rode a wave on a boggie board, they sure are being brave these day by trying new water sports.

To escape the heat we sure have taken advantage of our pool this past week. As a result of our frequent visits to the pool, our Ellie is swimming on her own now! She is so proud of herself and we are so proud of her. I love the confidence these girls have gained in the water this summer, it makes Tony and I feel that much more at ease.

I love finding fun ways to stay cool!

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