Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking Care of Business

Though we had a lot of business to take care of on the last few official days of summer, we managed to squeeze in some fun between the business.
The Night Zoo!
The weather at night has been perfect so it would have been a shame to go the whole summer without a visit to the San Diego Zoo at night!

Not-so-much-work Work Day!
Of course in preparation for the upcoming school year, I had to put a little time in at work getting my classroom ready... the girls were so excited to help me...but of course their primary objective was to play on the big kid playground right outside mom's classroom.

...but of course for me it's hard to work too long on a day your not getting paid, so after about a hour the girls and I headed off to the beach for one last lazy summer day in the waves!
It was a great day with just the girls and me.

Preschool Orientation!
The last bit of business we had to take care of this week was a big one for me- Preschool Orientation! At this orientation the girls got to see their classroom, meet their teacher (Ms. Eliza), decorate their name tag, and take a tour of their school. The girls are excited yet a tad reserved about this new endeavour, but I think they are so fortunate to have each other for support when they take on new experiences like these. I will say that I left feeling so comfortable and satisfied with Tony and my choice in preschools and I am really looking forward to helping Lola and Ellie start their school experience. I know it's a little step for them, but it's a big step for my heart. No tears were shed this day but I bet there will be a few rolling down my cheek as I walk to my car after dropping them off their first day of preschool on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.  

(Yes, I asked Ms. Eliza, their preschool teacher, if other kids will have their blankie with them like Lola and she said OH YES many...good thing because Lola has already planned on taking it with her. And Ellie is beyond herself with excitement that the playground at their preschool is called "The Shark Tank" complete with a a shark hanging on the fence- and we all know how much Ellie loves sharks)
It's back to the daily grind for me as well on Tuesday- but as you know that doesn't stop us from having fun! We welcome fall and football season with open arms, but not before we head to Coronado for our annual Mezzadri family beach trip next weekend- one last hurrah of Summer 2012.

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