Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Preparations

Since the girls decided quite some time ago what they wanted to be for Halloween, and we decorated the house back in September, the only thing left to was carve some pumpkins!

Lola took a picture of me and Ellie carving pumpkins
Here is Ellie's pumpkin she named her "Punky"

Lola wanted to wait for Poppi to come to carve her pumpkin,
 Lola decided on a happy face for hers and then she named her pumpkin "Pops"
for some reason I did not get a picture of Lola's finished pumpkin

Tony and I decided not to carve our pumpkin this year and with the help from our little ladies we made a witch with a pumpkin stem nose for our 2012 pumpkin!

The Halloween "Spook" was preparing for the upcoming day and left some treats for our little goblins. The girls were so excited to find these little baskets full of goodies waiting for them when they woke up from their naps this past Saturday.  The cool thing is once you get booed you have to pass it on! So we get to Spook and Boo someone else. 

In preparation for Halloween we needed a little trick-or-treat practice and of course a little taste of Halloween fun. So we did a Halloween dress rehearsal and headed to a Halloween festival at cousin Aiden's school last weekend. 
Lola, my nice Witch and Ellie, my little Yoda! 
These little ladies had their heart set on these costumes ideas and once they decided there was no going back. I will say I love their choices and can't wait to add all the bells and whistles to their costumes on Halloween.

These girls can't wait for Halloween they are so excited and counting down the days!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday Party Weekend!

 Ella Turns Three!
Ella hosted a Pirates and Princess party for all of her friends. It was  such a fun afternoon to spend with all these little people dressed up like princesses and pirates. The best shot of the day was this one, taken when all the princesses swung together on the monkey bar! Too Cute!
Bailey, Lola, Ellie, Ella, and friend

 Aiden Turns Six!
We helped Aiden celebrate his sixth birthday at Round Table Pizza. I can't believe my nephew is already six...where does the time go? 
Ellie, Lola, Aiden, Uncle Mark, Liam, Auntie Missi, and Uncle Tony
...the cousins...
 My big girls getting the party started with some pics from the Jute Box! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Picking Fun!

The girls have too much fun at pumpkin patches to visit them just once year. So last Sunday we decided to visit a mega pumpkin patch by Uncle Drew's house. This pumpkin patch was full of fun rides the girls has yet to try. It also had a scary maze, lots of pumpkins, ponies, and kid cars. Uncle Drew met us there to join in on the fun!
This 'Spooky' marked the entrance to the scary maze... the girls were so cute and decided on their own to enter, but only if they were holding hands and staying together.

Rides, Rides, and more Rides....
I will have to say their very favorite was the bungee jumping.
They would have stayed on that bungee trampoline all day!

Time to help Uncle Drew find the perfect pumpkin... and we didn't have much time. By the time we used up all our tickets on the rides it started to sprinkle and you could just tell the rain was a coming, So we had to be decisive.

(took a break from pumpkin hunting to hide in the train)

Not only did we find the perfect pumpkin we found the perfect wagon that fit all three pumpkins plus to cute little girls. Uncle Drew got the pleasure of lugging this whole load!

What a fun day!
We lucked out and the rain did not come full force until we were on our home!  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who knew school could be so much fun?

The girls are having a lot of fun at preschool these days.
The girls' have PE days at school where the coach works with the class to teach them new games and get them moving. Pre-school PE how fun!

Fourth grade students from the school come down to the preschool classroom and volunteer. This day they were helping the preschoolers with art projects. Here are the girls making play dough pumpkins with their fourth grade buddy.
Music class!
It's called the "California Shake Out" all school in California practice Earthquake safety on the same day at the same time. How cute is it that I was doing this same thing at the same time at my own school! I love that they will know what to do to be safe if an earthquake were to happen.

Preschool playtime with friends! 

The "Itsy Bitsy Spider" activity!
So cute!
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