Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Doubled Booked!

This past weekend the girls attended a performance of Rapunzel at the North Coast Repertory Theatre in Solana Beach with their friends Ella and Bailey. I doubled booked my weekend, so I was not able to take them, Emma stepped in and took the girls to the performance. Though the girls would not pose with Rapunzel and Flynn they said they enjoyed the show, but were a little scared of the bad witch.  (pictures courtesy of Ella's mom Amy)
The girls wanted to wear their "Clomp, Clomp" shoes to the show.
They said that was what Rapunzel wore.
Lola, Ella, and Ellie waiting for the show!
 While the girls were at the performance I was running the COLOR RUN with some ladies, my sister-in-law Missi and some friends, Carrie, Kat, and Heidi. The Color Run is a fun run that raises money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and while you're running the course you are blasted with color. Needless to say by the end of the race you are a tad messy!
Kat, Carrie, Missi, (me)Stacie
Me, Carrie, Missi, Heidi, and Kath getting ready to start the race.
...Me and my sis before...

...and Missi and me after...

We did it!
It was a fun day to spend with the ladies while getting some exercise- I'd do it again for sure!

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