Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was, to say the least, a super fun-filled day that these ladies will remember for a long time to come. Our day started bright and early in the morning...the girls woke up bright eyed and rearing to go!  First we headed off to preschool for a day of Halloween parties and a school carnival. 

Here is Lola -our NICE WITCH!
Here is Ellie - Little Yoda

Ms. Eliza's 3 year olds all dressed up!
I got a chance to spend a few hours with Lola and Ellie at preschool. It was such a pleasure for me to simply help out in their class and watch them be little students as well as participate in all the fun festivities. 

Carnival Time! 

Ellie was beside herself when she found a pumpkin decorated like Yoda, she wouldn't let it go! 

Here is the whole preschool gang, both the four year olds and three year olds with all the teachers. 
Ms. Sarah, Ms. Suzie, and Ms. Eliza

After the carnival the girls accompanied me back to my school to participate in all the festivities there. Needless to say after a morning like this they were a bit tired and crashed out on the coach for quite sometime...good thing because they still had a long night in ahead of them.

Time to TRICK or TREAT!
(this time Ellie has her full makeup on)
We headed over to Emma's house for the evening to trick ot treat in her neighborhood. 

Our family this year had no theme with their costumes. 
I was a pumpkin, Tony was a green meanie, and of course the Lola was a witch and Ellie Yoda. 
Emma went as Red Riding Hood
 Bailey and Joseph joined the girls on their trick or treating adventures. 

"Mommy look, I got a huge sized candy bar!"

 Round Two
Uncle Drew and Auntie Sarah took the girls out for a second round of trick or treating later in the evening. Auntie Sarah was a bumble bee and Uncle Drew was Commander Cody from star-wars. As you can imagine Uncle Drew and Ellie we attached at the hip. I don't know star-wars that well but from what I gather Camander Cody is the protector of Yoda and they each played those roles as they ventured out into the neighborhood. 

What a day! Holidays are so fun when you experience them with your children, but man are they tiring. I walked around work the next day like a zombie, I am pretty sure my students didn't learn anything that day! 

Happy Halloween 2012!

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  1. Looks like a great Halloween! Love the yoda pumpkin with your little Yoda - too cute!


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