Saturday, November 17, 2012

My little Flower Girls!

Last weekend my cousin Jeff got married at a winery in Northern California. Lola and Ellie got to be the flower girls in the weeding. At first they were very resistant to the idea of being flower girls, but once the festivities were underway the girls took on the role perfectly and did a fantastic job. Both Tony and I were in the wedding party too so that made it easier for the girls to participate in the ceremony. They actually got to walk with us down the isle. The hardest part of whole day was the picture taking, it was a tad cold and the girls simply wanted to keep their jackets on (I don't blame them), but they were troopers and got through the picture session and then were ready to have fun with their cousins at the reception. 
I have a ton of pictures from the day... so beware of the long post. 
The First Look/Formal Before Pictures
The wedding party: Tony, Mark, Matt, Shaun, Jeff, Ashley, Nicole, Heather, Liz, Stacie, Lola, Ellie 
...the girls wrapped themselves in my dress between takes to combat the cold...

Lola and Ellie with Auntie Ashely the Bride

My whole family (-nana, who was sick)
Tony, Stacie, Ellie, Lola, Grandma Koehler, Grandpa Koehler, Lynn, Robin, Jeff, Ashley, Marilyn, Glenn, Aiden, Missi, Liam, Mark, Katie, Shaelynn, Shaun, Maureen, Athena, Haven, Matt.

Our generation of cousins... yes, my brothers and I only had one cousin, Jeff the Groom!

Me and my brothers, man do I miss these guys! Shaun in from New Jersey, Mark well my SD brother, and Matt in from Santa Rosa. It's so nice when we get the chance to all be together, especially when our spouses and kids get to be together too! 

My lovely sister-in-laws
Katie, Missi, me, and Maureen

The next generation of cousins, our kids: 
Liam 2,  Ellie 3 1/2 , Haven 7 1/2 , Aiden 6, Athena 9 1/2, Shaelynn 9 months
Matthew's family
 Shaun's family
 Mark's family

My family

Me and My Man, Tony

My mom and me 

Mark, My Grandpa (92) and Me. 
It was great- I got a chance to dance with my grandpa- love that my Grandpa is 92 and still kills it on the dance floor! 
My lovely parents!

My Grandparents, one set of Lola and Ellie's Great Granparents 
Margret Koehler and John Koehler

 I only have one Aunt and Uncle and these are them! 
Uncle Lynno and Aute Robin, the proud parents of the Groom

The Ceremony

Half way down the isle Ellie hopped on Daddy lap and stayed there the whole ceromony... 
it was pretty cute !

We got to dance back down the isle, the girls like that a little better! 

Reception Time
Let the Fun begin, dinner, dancing, cake and best of all sparkling apple juice (the girls must have drank a bottle of that stuff). 
Uncle Mark and Ellie
Lola and Uncle Mark
My big Bro Matt and me
The little cousins rules the dance floor!
Daddy and his girls eating some dinner ! 

Uncle Shaun dancing with "Baby Shae" as the girls called her all weekend!

Liam 2 dancing with Shae 9 months...too cute! 

Maureen and Missi getting their groove on! 
Lola loving life!
Lola and Poppi
Ellie enjoying her sparkling apple cider. 
some more dancing...

One candid shot from the day I had to include -Ellie ran and hugged her Great Grandpa too cute! 

It was a great event and such a fun day, but it was only of the many fun days we had on our trip up north. More pictures to come from the rest of the trip! 
Congratulation Jeff and Ashley!

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