Wednesday, November 21, 2012

snap shots mania...

Here is a collection of snap shots from our weekend wedding/ Thanksgiving trip to Northern California. Two parents, four sibling, four spouses, and seven grandkids under one roof plus extended family all around leads to some fun and funny pictures. 

Liam.. couldn't be cuter !

Lynno, Mark, and Dad
 Great Grandpa and Tony
Auntie Missi and Lola 
Never enough sugar!
Sweet Shae
Salon de Koehler 

Innocence first hand...

My crazy face Lola 
Sweet Sisters
Ellie Bellie

Shae with her Auntie (Me)
Our pseudo Thanksgiving
Uncle Shaun, the carving master!
Miss the mash potato master... can you spot the missing peice in the picture?
Mo, the Turkey skin steeler
Tony the not-so -innocent by stander
The kid table
the big kid table
auntie reminiscing and loving every minute of it with sweet baby Shae
the cousins and the pull toy parade... on the way to the park with Poppi and Uncle Mark.
all the women smothering the baby... why not! 

Grantie, Katie, and Shae ready to get their nails done! 

Love all these genuine smiles! 

Missi, the photographer, who is also so photogenic
That's a wrap... I have a thousand more fun photos, but one has to stop somewhere.

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