Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve - 2012

We had a big day planned for Christmas Eve and we didn't let the rain or car failure (super funny story, possibly to come in another post) get in our way. Tony and I wanted to make this day special and  possibly start a few new traditions, after all it is one of our very favorite days of the year. We planned to start our day by heading over to Coronado for a day at the Del -full of ice skating, taking in the spectacular decorations, lunch, and a little shopping. Despite a rough start our day turned out perfect! 
Lola and Ellie anxiously waiting to start the day! It was a morning full of tracking Santa, gawking at the our Christmas tree, and waiting the rain out. 
 (they got to open a present from Grandma and Poppi early- They had to wear these hats and scarfs ice skating of course.)

Tracking Santa was the coolest thing ever... man did this get them excited for what was to come. 

Okay, rain has let up and we're ready, but not before a family shot on Christmas Eve.

We made it just in time to find out our ice skating session was cancelled due to the rain... good thing they had room for us in the next session- which worked out better anyway because it gave us more time to cruise the Del, check out the decorations, have some ice cream, and do some shopping. 

Good thing the Ipad has 3G... we HAD to stop and track Santa while at the Del.
Ready to give it a whirl...two 3 year olds on ice skates and one mommy helping... let's hope for the best! 
too Cute!
These little ladies were very brave... I was so proud of them and their attempt at skating. They loved going around with me one at a time so we could go super fast.

After the day at the Del we headed to Christmas Eve mass at Emma's Church and then home to our house for a traditional Lasagna meal complete with some Christmas German pastries for desert. 
Now it was time to get ready for SANTA! 
Ellie  got the cookies and milk plate ready for Santa, while Lola helped get the reindeer food ready. 

The girls wanted to put the reindeer food outside on our deck so that they would be sure to stop at our house. 
The reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Daddy.
 (Haddie, our elf, brought them this book to open on Christmas Eve)
Time to get all snuggled in bed.. but not before leaving a note for Santa ensuring that he does not enter the girls' room when he drops off the gifts. As we were going to bed the girls were so excited screaming and laughing about how Santa was almost here, because of course we had still been tracking Santa up till this very moment. Lola lays her head on the pillow and starts to sob, saying "Mommy can I sleep with you tonight... " she was so scared of the thought of Santa being in our house. We assured her that she was okay and we would post a sign reminding Santa to stay out of her room. To further comfort her, I  had to lie down with them until they both went to sleep, which I didn't mind at all. 
 As you may know, Christmas Eve was Haddie's last night at our house for the season. The girls  were really bummed to see her go, so Haddie left this note and picture of herself for them to keep until next December.  That was so thoughtful of Haddie! 
What a great day... now it was time to get some rest  get to work. 

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