Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Lola, age 3 and three quarters

Lola our little lady is becoming her own person. When I was pregnant, I read a book written by twins, the main thing I took away from the book was that the twins weren't sure their parents knew each of them as individuals, they felt like their parents knew them as a pair, but truly didn't know how to be with each of them separately.  I can see this struggle as a parent of twins, especially in our circumstances, where alone time with each child is far and few between (every year my resolution is to make more time to do just that). I believe Tony and I are so aware of this and take every opportunity to foster our individual relationships with each of them.  This past week I was able to get a bit of time with just my Lola, so I thought I would highlight her, as just that, her, an individual, a beautiful little girl with a huge smile that lights up any room- who happens to be a twin. I have always described Lola as a passionate person. She is very passionate about most things she does. She puts her full self into whatever she is working on or participant in. If we are at the park, Lola is all in, she is full force on the swings, down the slide, and across the bars. During story time she is all ears, fully engaged,  eagerly hanging on each word.  When it comes to eating she is passionate about every bite and loves almost every thing, her favorite being spaghetti, mama's coleslaw, salmon cakes, carrot chips,  and tuna fish sandwiches   Lola is a genuinely sweet soul. She is our mini-mama, if someone gets hurt Lola is the first to run and get the first aid kit. If daddy needs help, Lola is jumping at the chance to be of assistance.  If you have lost anything, Lola will be able to find it guaranteed- she has the best memory. When it comes to learning, Lola is a visual and kinesthetic learner. She learns best by watching and by doing. She loves to read in bed. Others would describe Lola as shy, but I would not. Lola is reserved, discerning, observant, content, and happy to be independent form others. Lola loves to cuddle, loves to be held and tends to be a mommy's girl. She loves to clean and fold laundry.  Her favorite color switches from day to day,  today it is green and last week it was purple. She absolutely loves her sleep and is not at all a morning person. She sleeps best when her blankie is in hand and when she is rubbing the tag on the blankie back and forth with her index finger. When I get play time with just Lola, we are usually doing some kind of pretend play with her baby doll, where she is the mommy and I am the daddy. Or we play tickle monster and cars and blocks.  If you are new, or familiar for that matter, you must work for Lola's undivided attention. She does not hand it out, you must be willing to wait and listen and you will always be surprised by her take or what she has to say. She is a deep thinker, but doesn't always find it necessary to share her thoughts with just anyone. My Lola!

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