Tuesday, December 4, 2012

photo phone dump

I often takes pictures on my phone when my camera isn't around, and then forget I took the photos. For some reason I found time to scroll through my phone's photos and this is what I found.
Lola and Ellie were in heaven when while we were shopping they found these two phones- at the perfect heights and there were TWO of them! They were having the funniest of conversations.  I remember having a hard time pulling them away from this display.

My Friend Janene just had a baby and we have been walking together quite a few times. Man has this act of walking together with a new mommy and her tiny baby inspired some dramatic play! Our little ladies spend so much time at home pretending to be a mommy and baby, half the time pretending to be Baby Bradyn's mommy and the other half pretending to be the baby. Even Miss Janene's husband Mike makes an appearance every once in a while.
Daddy talking with Ellie about "Frannie" the shark.
 The shark who guards Lola and Ellie's yogurt shop.

I couldn't help but post this pic..awe how times flies.

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