Friday, December 7, 2012

Starting the season off right!

Since it was the first weekend of December and the official start to the holiday festivities, the girls and I decided to head down to Ocean Beach to take in the spirit of the OB Christmas Parade. It was rather warm night for December which made our evening that much more fun! 
Before the sun set we headed out to the beach to catch a glimpse of the classic OB Christmas Tree planted right into the sand, Got to love San Diego! 

Off to Natti's for some great Mexican dinner!
After dinner we headed down to Newport Ave, 
Lola and I waiting patiently for the parade to start! 
Ellie on the other hand was pretending to surf in the puddles as she awaited the parade. 
Now begins the parade...the girls loved all the lights and of course the cool cars. 

Here is the Unicycle Team from my school, they are all so good! I have watched the forth graders practice outside my classroom for four years now, it was about time I headed down to the parade to watch them perform. 

The girls preschool even made an appearance and represented the school with this float celebrating 62 years. 

 Liam Turns TWO! 
Liam along with some of his birthdays buddies hosted a party that was animal crazy! Complete with jungle food, animal face masks, and an exotic animal show! 

Lola with the birthday boy Liam. 
This trainer introduced us all the a tiny fox, an armadillo, a wallaby, a gator, and a monkey! 

Second Annual Christmas on Garrison Lane
Leslie lives on Garrison Street which goes crazy during Christmas season. So all of us get together, have dinner and drinks at her house and then head up the block to take in all the lights, but  not before we fix some hot cocoa and treats to take with us! 
All the kids minus baby Vivian (who was very tried).
Ella, Bailey, Joseph, Lola, Ellie, and Henry

 Lola and Ellie were quite smitten for Henry
 Ellie even got her first kiss :) 
 Mo and Les prepping the chili!
 Tony, Paige, and Vivian hanging out!
 Mo, Amy, and Me
 Up the block we go to check out the lights 

Fun evening.... Love all these fun Christmas activities. 
There are Many, Many more to come! 

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