Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas Morning! 2013

Santa came and man was he good to these girls!

I jumped out of bed and looked at the clock. What? They're up? 
I had set my alarm for 5:30 am, assuring myself enough time to get Tony up out of bed and have a cup of coffee before the girls would most likely get up around 7:00 am. Boy had I miss calculated their excitement. Though the girls were SO good. We had told them they were not allowed to come out until we came and got them, so Lola and Ellie got into the same bed and screamed for me. I came into their room and explained that they must stay in their room until I got daddy up out of bed. 
So needless to say, our Christmas Morning started way before sunrise at the ripe hour of 5:30am. 
The five minutes it took me to get Tony up out of bed must have been the longest five minutes of those girls' life, they were sure happy to finally see their daddy in their room that morning so they could rush out and see what Santa had left. 

Before the girls opened any of their wrapped presents they wanted to give each other the gifts they got for each other. It was so cute how excited they were to watch their sister open the gift they got for her.

The girls got their first American Girl "Bitty Baby" doll. So precious.

The girls helping daddy open his gifts!

Well our present opening was wrapped up before the sun officially rose. I would say the session lasted until about 6:30 am…. now all that is left to do is Play, Play, Play, while fitting in a family pic and  some traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

 After breakfast it was time to take this JEEP for a test drive!!!

Using your new paints to create a master piece on Christmas morning, why not?

 Well I guess these babies need to eat too! Time to take a break from all the fun and feed Georgia Ann (Lola's Bitty Baby) and Lilly France (Ellie's Bitty Baby).
 A very Merry Christmas Morning indeed!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Magical Christmas Eve - 2013

So for the second year in a row we spent Christmas Eve morning and afternoon in Coronado. This year was a bit different than last year. The weather was perfect, 75 degrees and sunny, and the day was magical! We parked in the perfect spot to fit in a beach stroll on the way to the Hotel Del. 

Time to ice-skate at the coolest rink in town. There is something about watching the surf while ice skating that will get ya every time. Lola and Ellie had ice skating lessons last winter and they paid off, it was a much better experience this time! Just the girls and I started off the session...

…and then the coolest thing happened…
 Tony was able to skate with us this year!!! After our 11:00 session was up, they let just our family on the rink during the intersession. It was such a cool and magical experience for all of us. The girls absolutely loved skating with their dad. Not only was it so fun for the girls to hang on daddy and skate super fast, Tony had the time of his life. It was such an opportunity for him to play with his girls and experience such a physical rush. The best part was that we had the entire rink to ourselves for an hour. Yes, we had the coveted Hotel Del sold out ice-rink all to ourselves! The only downside was all the specters we had, but we really didn't care all that much!

A video of our skating!

After skating it was time for some ice-cream!

…. and then before heading home, we spent some time walking around the Hotel looking at Christmas Decorations!

Next stop Christmas Eve Mass, the girls were all dressed up and ready to go. 

After mass the girls came home and got right into their jammies, even before dinner. (At this point the excitement of the upcoming Santa visit simply couldn't be contained.) Then we all enjoyed our traditional Christmas eve dinner of lasagna before we left food out for Santa Clause and Reindeer.  

Now, all we have to do it wait for the man-in-red to come down the chimney!
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