Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Break Adventures

So both the girls and I had two weeks off for Winter break, no work for me and no school for the girls. What to do will all this free time? Well in addition to celebrating Christmas and bringing in the New Year, we managed to fit in a little play time!
Family Bike Ride
We were able to perfect our skills on the big girls bikes they received for Christmas, enough so to take an official family bike ride. You got it. I strapped on my bike helmet and the girls and I went on a bike ride around the neighborhood. It was a fun and successful afternoon... a lot of teaching was going on during this bike ride for sure. 

Bailey's House
We got to have a Tea Party and play time with our friend Bailey. 
Aiden's Karate
Aiden, my nephew,  has been taking Karate lessons for a while and his first tournament was over the winter break, we got to watch him put the moves on his opponent. 

Shell Hunting at Coronado.
The girls and I went with Emma to spend a morning at the beach. Our goal was to find some sand dollars to fix a previous sand dollar project, but no such luck. Instead we found lot of sand to build sand castles with and to write our name in, we found some sunshine to relax in, and a good grassy hill to roll down! It was such a pleasant morning at the shore. 

Playing Campfire
The girls have this new playtime activity. It rained a bit this winter break and so the girls got the idea to build a pretend campfire out of rocks and sidewalk chalk to keep them warm. So they brought out their camping chairs and just sat around their pretend fire. Man to have the imagination of a kid again! 

Kidventure and Dinosaur Park
We got a chance to spend time with our friends Lindsay, Declan, and Lexi. We started our day at Kidventures and then ended it at the Dinosaur park for a pic-nic lunch. It was a great day. Our friend Amy and Ella joined us for the fun too!

Snow Again
So we couldn't resist and had to head up to the snow again. This time the roads weren't closed and we were able to head up to 6000 feet to spend the afternoon at our friend Amy's family's cabin. It was great, we got to build a few snowmen and sled down some fun hills. 
The three musketeers: Ella, Ellie, and Lola

Paddle Boarding
I simply couldn't let a break from work go by without hitting the water. I picked the best morning of the week that's for sure. The water was glassy,  the wind was absent, and it was crisp not cold. A perfect combination for a morning of paddling on the Marina.

I'll say it was a good start to 2013!

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  1. LOVE the shadow picture of the bikes :) Such fun seeing your girls and catching up. Love the ET post too;)


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