Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Very Colorful 4th Birthday Party

This past Saturday we celebrated Lola and Ellie's 4th birthday in a very colorful way. The girls were pretty specific about how they wanted to celebrate their birthday this year. They stated a few months back they wanted to have their birthday party at Liberty Station Park with a jumpy. Simple enough. Their wish was granted and man were they happy! 
Here are the happy birthday girls all smiles awaiting their party. 
                                      Ellie                                                                  Lola

The preparations and the decorations. 
The "theme" of the party was COLOR, it was a little lost in the mix of the park and jumpy, but none the less still fun! 

Jumpy, Jumpy, and more Jumpy FUN!

Some kiddos did manage to take a break from the jumpy every one in a while. 

Lots of Friends and Family helped us Celebrate! 

Cake Time!
It was a bit too breezy for candles...so we winged it!

It was such a FUN day, with FANTASTIC people, celebrating two FABULOUS ladies!

These kiddos were not ready to stop the party...even clean up was fun!

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