Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stuffed family photo shoot

I don't know if this means that I simply take too many pictures or if the girls just really love playing "Family." The other day the girls insisted on posing with their pretend family for some family photos. It was rather entertaining to watch because the girls were pretty particular with how they wanted to pose and who went where (They must be picking up tips from Auntie Missi).

 I should take this time to introduce two special "people" in the girls life. One being Roofus and the other being Chewy.  Roofus is Lola's favorite stuffed animal. I don't blame her; he's huge, cozy, and warm! Actually, Lola subsisted her sleeping pillow for Roofus about a year ago and has not used her pillow since. Needless to say, poor Roofus has been subject to the washing machine a few times.  Ellie on the other hand received a huge stuffed Chewy from Star Wars for Christmas a few years ago. Chewy is a vital part of her pretend play. Currently, Chewy takes on the role of protector and is strategically set up between her bed and the sliding glass door every night. Ellie believes Chewy protects her from the dark world behind the curtains. 

Here are Lola and Ellie posing with their "families." 

Roofus (the daddy), Lola (the mommy), and Purple (the baby), oh yeah and don't forget blankie (the pet).

Chewy (the daddy), Ellie (the mommy), and Little Bear (the baby). 

Lola's family is growing...
Monkey (the grandma), Lola (the mommy), KiKi (the new born), Purple (the baby), Blankie (the pet), and Roofus (the daddy). 
So is Ellie's family.
Elmo (the big brother), Little Bear (the baby), Ellie (the mommy), and Chewy (the daddy). 

Of course we must take one with all the cousins together :) 
Love these little ladies' creative minds!

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  1. This is adorable Stacie! I can totally relate. Lexi goes to bed every night with what I call her entourage - about 6 stuffed animals she insists on sleeping with. :)


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