Friday, February 22, 2013

Sunday, February 17th

The girls woke up on their birthday morning to a house full of streamers and balloons! I decorated the house like this last year and you bet the girls were expecting the same thing this year. They were so excited that morning. Lola came running in to our bedroom screaming in excitement practically yanking me out of bed to show me the decorations. It is really cute how the simplest of thigs make these little girls so happy.

The girls had just a few present to open this day. First, Tony and I made the girls a Lego table with a drawer and bin underneath and then they had many presents to open from their friends and family who attended their birthday party the day before.  They were spoiled! 

We kept it simple and celebrated their actual birthday dinner at Oggis restaurant (after finding out that Corvette diner had an hour wait). It turned out perfect and the girls were happy... simple food topped off with ice cream sundaes... can't beat that!

These ladies haven't stopped using the Lego table since they we gave it to them! It has been a hit...  they are in the process of making their own city; complete with a princess castle, elaborate cars with garages, a flower garden, Star Wars police, and towers. 

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