Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter preparation and fun!

The girls were all about dying eggs this year. 
The did a pretty good job without making that big of mess! 

The girls were able to celebrate Easter at preschool on Thursday. They saw a play performed by the older kids, The Stations of the Cross, and then had a classic egg hunt with all their friends. (those are rabbit ear hats they have on, the ears are just flopped over)

The girls made few Easter crafts this year, one of which was this handmade Easter basket. The girls are  all about writing their names these days...Everything gets marked, these baskets are no exception. 

We also made these cute little marshmallow bunnies for the Easter table. 
Love how colorful their bunnies are. 

I think were are ready to Celebrate Easter! 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

from the mouth of babes...on Easter

The  Easter Gospel according to Lola and Ellie... just in case you cant make it to church this Sunday.
(I was really surprised when Ellie stopped and told me what she had learned at school, 
I had to record it...simple, sweet, and to the point is sometimes the best)

Hope you all have a very Happy and Blessed Easter.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

girls' nights

When I was a kid my parents established "our nights" It was pretty essential in our household because my parents had four kids in five years. We didn't get much one-on-one time with our folks. Our nights were when each of us had our own night of the week  to stay up an extra half hour and do whatever we wanted with just our parents. Since our girls are twins and as a result; the same age, practically on the same exact schedule, and are involved in the same things it is really hard to get some one-on-one time with them. So finally Tony and I started "our nights" with the girls. Lola's night is Tuesday and Ellie's night in Wednesday. We have done these night for about a month now and it has been pretty cool to see what the girls pick to do with us. 
Tuesdays with Lola are great. I love how outspoken Lola is when Ellie is not by her side. She just keeps on talking and talking. The first night she wanted to play puzzles and Legos. Another night she wanted to make bead bracelets and play some board games. Love our time with her! 

Ellie's nights are Wednesday. She loves the one-on-one time and we love hanging our with just her. She is so funny and even funnier when her sister isn't right by her side. The first night Ellie wanted to play games and legos. Another night Ellie wanted to play babies, photographer, and Chutes and Ladders with us. 

I love how after spinning for daddy multiple times, Ellie figures out that she would help daddy spin on his own. Ellie and her always thinking mind! Love her.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Season complete

So Tuesday was the girls last ice skating lesson for the season. 
As a celebration of the last session, the class gave a littler performance for all the parents and the other skaters in the arena. I know it might not look like it from these pictures (they were from my phone) but their routine was choreographed and the girls were able to complete the routine without even falling. Way to Lola and Ellie you all looked so cute out there.

Lola and Ellie happy and satisfied with their special end of season snack and a balloon. 
They earned little certificates too!

I had to post this picture below. Ellie had just fallen down and Lola being the mothering and caring  person she is just had to help her sister get all the ice off her bum. It was this way the whole season. Lola was always making sure Ellie didn't fall or when she did she was right there helping her up. I love how they always look out for each other. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Green and more green...

St. Patrick's Day didn't end on Sunday for our girls. On Monday they had a super green party at preschool. The kids were asked to bring only green food to have a fantastic green feast. I was able to take a two-hour leave from my school day and help out at the party. As always, I love spending time with Lola and Ellie at preschool. They are such different people in a school environment. I love seeing them with their friends and interacting with their teachers.
The class helped make the classroom festive. 
Lola and Ellie's clovers are in the lower left corner. 
It was Ms. Suzie's birthday as well. The kids helped her celebrate with a cake and flowers. 

After the party there was some time for play, in the "Shark Tank" of course.

The fun never ends for these ladies. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck of the Irish...

Well technically the girls are only a tad bit Irish, though Tony, being practically full blooded Italian, wouldn't want to admit it (I'm kidding of course). But these two ladies sure acted a little Irish yesterday when we headed downtown for the St. Patty's Day parade. 

Lola and Ellie all greened out an ready to have some fun. 

The whole gang met up at the parade to have a little green fun. This parade was perfect for kids; lots of fire trucks, animals, music and freebies- including candy. 

Joseph, Aiden, Lola, Ellie, Bailey, Liam, and Ella

All the kids got real gold coins from Ireland from this authentic Irishman. 

Sunday morning, to our surprise, the Leprechaun made his second annual visit to the Mezzadri house. This mischievous leprechaun left the house in a muck (trust me he didn't have to work to hard), but he did leave some chocolate gold coins and other goodies in return, which pleased the girls very much! 

He turned this house upside down, stacked our books, turned our pictures around, 
and moved a bunch of stuff around. 

The girls woke up and were a bit puzzled by the mess, 
but then remembered last year and started frantically searching for gold coins left from Mr. Leprechaun. 

Hope you all had a fun St. Patty's Day weekend too! 

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