Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Green and more green...

St. Patrick's Day didn't end on Sunday for our girls. On Monday they had a super green party at preschool. The kids were asked to bring only green food to have a fantastic green feast. I was able to take a two-hour leave from my school day and help out at the party. As always, I love spending time with Lola and Ellie at preschool. They are such different people in a school environment. I love seeing them with their friends and interacting with their teachers.
The class helped make the classroom festive. 
Lola and Ellie's clovers are in the lower left corner. 
It was Ms. Suzie's birthday as well. The kids helped her celebrate with a cake and flowers. 

After the party there was some time for play, in the "Shark Tank" of course.

The fun never ends for these ladies. 

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