Thursday, March 21, 2013

Season complete

So Tuesday was the girls last ice skating lesson for the season. 
As a celebration of the last session, the class gave a littler performance for all the parents and the other skaters in the arena. I know it might not look like it from these pictures (they were from my phone) but their routine was choreographed and the girls were able to complete the routine without even falling. Way to Lola and Ellie you all looked so cute out there.

Lola and Ellie happy and satisfied with their special end of season snack and a balloon. 
They earned little certificates too!

I had to post this picture below. Ellie had just fallen down and Lola being the mothering and caring  person she is just had to help her sister get all the ice off her bum. It was this way the whole season. Lola was always making sure Ellie didn't fall or when she did she was right there helping her up. I love how they always look out for each other. 

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