Monday, April 29, 2013

Lola...On TWO wheels

For the past week or two Lola has been begging us to take off her training wheels. I don't know what inspired her to have such a passion for riding on two wheels, but she would not stop asking so we had to give into her request. On 4/25 Lola Grace became a grown up bike rider, riding all by herself on two wheels. Tony and I felt bad that we underestimated this little girl's drive to succeed. She surpassed our expectations, had no fear, and mastered the two wheel bike ride in one evening. I did not take any pictures or video from the first night as I was very hands on, but Lola has been out riding every night since and I was able to capture her excitement then.
I am sure you can tell from this smile, Lola is pretty proud of herself!

Daddy and Poppi trying to keep up with the little speed racer...
Ellie on daddy's feet cheering her sister on.
Proud Mama!

Here is the video of Lola riding on two wheels. 

Note: Ellie practiced quite a bit that same night and after declared that she needed one or two more nights of practice... I will keep you posted! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Painting the town

Last Friday night we had plans to go to the girl's friend's house and play. Those plans got canceled due to our friend being sick. The girls were pretty bummed, but as the saying goes when life gives you lemons just go a head and make some lemonade.That is exactly what these parents did. We said okay girls "Plan B" we're going to Fisha-fetas tonight. Fisha-fetas is the name the girls have given all fancy restaurants. So they both screamed in excitement and ran to their room to get all dressed up for the evening.  This is how they emerged, full Mezzadri Twins style! 

Daddy with his fancy ladies, ready to paint the town.
Off to Fisha-fetas we go! 

At this point the girls are beside themselves, they are simply so happy- the adult world has finally mergered with their make-believe world. 
Into Fisha-fetas we go (aka La PiƱata in Old Town)

The night would not be complete without hitting town,
doing some people watching, window shopping, and of course eating some fancy desert! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Debut Showcase

I absolutely love seeing the budding artists in Lola and Ellie... spoken from the true eye of their loving mother. They seem to love to draw. I think their free time in the morning between me dropping them off at preschool and them going to class has inspired their interest in drawing. They have about 15 to 30 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday of free time. They always choose to draw or color during this time. Every time I pick them up from preschool, I am greeted by two enthusiastic preschoolers with a picture in their cubby ready to show off.  They also spend quite a bit of time in their art corner creating some L & E originals. When mommy "the teacher" buts into their art time, I can't help but ask them about their pictures and see if they can write about their picture. To my surprise they are starting to label their pictures with sounds they recognize in the words describing their picture, accomplishing some of the first steps in the development of writing/reading. 

Here are some of the girl's master pieces. 

Ellie created this self portrait, complete with four eyes. 
Ellie describes this picture as Lola with "crazy hair" and lots of flowers.
Lola describes this picture as a beautiful flower with colorful clouds. 
Ellie drew this picture of mommy a while back complete with hoop ear rings and six eyes.

Another Ellie original, "mommy with sunglasses" she says.
Portrait of Emma, those hoop ear ring make a second appearance. By: Ellie
Below is a Family Portrait by Ellie.
It is interesting to me that both Lola and Ellie have yet to draw daddy's wheelchair. They simply do not see the chair when they see their daddy. When they describe their drawing, they even describe their daddy as the biggest and strongest daddy ever, which is most definitely true!  
Lola's Family Portrait. 
The moment I even thought to start encouraging the girls to write words/letters associated with their pictures is when Ellie showed me this picture (don't you love the teeth) and said "look mommy I wrote, I Love You."  She writes the letters "I lv u" It was one of those AhHa moments for me. As most know, I am the last person to push any sort of development on my children early, so I often lean on the side of caution when introducing academic concepts to them, but in this case I can't help to encourage the blossoms to bloom.  
Ellie drew this picture of Mommy and Daddy and said she was drawing gel in daddy's hair because mommy and daddy were going on a date. 
Lola will often choose to write and practice letters over drawing pictures. She actually keeps a "homework journal" with scribbles of letters and pretend writing. Lola wanted to write the word "ant" and "bird" after illustrating the picture. I'll give her good marks for this one. 
Ellie: taking liberties with her preschool work, practicing her name,
her sister's name and the words I love you again.
Note: In Lola's top left corner she wrote the words I Love you, too. "I L U"
Though Ellie is up on writing words, she much prefers to write her name over and over again. 
Some more words from Lola. Cat and bird. 
Lola's "homework journal" aka free write journal
 Ellie's "homework journal" aka free drawing journal
I am sure there will be more showcases to come! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flower girls... round two!

The girls are becoming pros at the whole flower girls thing. They were in their second weeding this past weekend. They are trying to beet their mom's record, I have been in nine wedding not including my own... I will say the girls are off to a good start. Lucky us they were able to wear the same flower girls dresses as they did in my cousins Jeff and Ashley's wedding. 
Here are Lola and Ellie posing, flower girl style, for the camera. 

The bride, Karly, with the ring bearers. 
Peppermint Patties were magic... in getting these little ladies to walk down the isle without mama. I would say these ladies have it down, they were able to eat the entire patty without getting a single but of chocolate on their dress.  

Monte, the father of the Bride, with Lola and Ellie
Pros, I tell you, pros... just look at them. 

Time to party... the girls are pros at this whole reception thing too! Lola though, was our dancing queen. She danced and she danced and she danced. She wore me out after about five songs and then recruited Emma for another five, after tiring Emma out Lola recruited Auntie Sara and by then she had an entire audience at her disposal to dance with.  Lola's smile says it all! 

Daddy's turn.. this time both girls decided to join in the fun! 

So fun! 
Congratulations Karly and Matt on your wedding! 
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