Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flower girls... round two!

The girls are becoming pros at the whole flower girls thing. They were in their second weeding this past weekend. They are trying to beet their mom's record, I have been in nine wedding not including my own... I will say the girls are off to a good start. Lucky us they were able to wear the same flower girls dresses as they did in my cousins Jeff and Ashley's wedding. 
Here are Lola and Ellie posing, flower girl style, for the camera. 

The bride, Karly, with the ring bearers. 
Peppermint Patties were magic... in getting these little ladies to walk down the isle without mama. I would say these ladies have it down, they were able to eat the entire patty without getting a single but of chocolate on their dress.  

Monte, the father of the Bride, with Lola and Ellie
Pros, I tell you, pros... just look at them. 

Time to party... the girls are pros at this whole reception thing too! Lola though, was our dancing queen. She danced and she danced and she danced. She wore me out after about five songs and then recruited Emma for another five, after tiring Emma out Lola recruited Auntie Sara and by then she had an entire audience at her disposal to dance with.  Lola's smile says it all! 

Daddy's turn.. this time both girls decided to join in the fun! 

So fun! 
Congratulations Karly and Matt on your wedding! 

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