Monday, April 29, 2013

Lola...On TWO wheels

For the past week or two Lola has been begging us to take off her training wheels. I don't know what inspired her to have such a passion for riding on two wheels, but she would not stop asking so we had to give into her request. On 4/25 Lola Grace became a grown up bike rider, riding all by herself on two wheels. Tony and I felt bad that we underestimated this little girl's drive to succeed. She surpassed our expectations, had no fear, and mastered the two wheel bike ride in one evening. I did not take any pictures or video from the first night as I was very hands on, but Lola has been out riding every night since and I was able to capture her excitement then.
I am sure you can tell from this smile, Lola is pretty proud of herself!

Daddy and Poppi trying to keep up with the little speed racer...
Ellie on daddy's feet cheering her sister on.
Proud Mama!

Here is the video of Lola riding on two wheels. 

Note: Ellie practiced quite a bit that same night and after declared that she needed one or two more nights of practice... I will keep you posted! 

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