Saturday, April 6, 2013

not bored on this board...

Though the girls and I did many fun things over spring break, paddle boarding deserved a post all it's own. After about a year of paddling here and there, using my friends boards, and putting some money away monthly in our "frivolous fund" I decided to take the plunge and buy my very own paddle board. What ultimately made my decision was that the girls would be able to go with me and together we can have little adventures. Also there is nothing like spending a day on the water without even getting wet all the while getting an awesome work out. The girls have loved the new adventure, the other day we saw some Sting Rays swim right under our board, another day we found a new beach ball just floating in the bay, not to mention getting an up-close look at all the Yachts in the San Diego harbors. We are looking forward to many adventures ahead on the paddle board! 

The girls were getting brave here and standing up while I was paddling... I am very proud of how brave and open these little girls are. They are always willing to try new things, despite having a bit of fear (yes, daddy's shark stories have come up many times on the water, I now have them convinced that sharks do not swim in the bay- just the oceans).

The cool thing about paddle boarding is that it's more fun to do it with someone. 
Kathleen wanted to give it a go the other day and did pretty well. 

Aiden and Auntie going for a ride! 

Mouse is to blame for my new found interest in this sport. He dragged me out to the water before I even knew what paddle boarding was. This time we got to paddle together since I had my own board and he showed me some pretty cool glasses channels to paddle down. Thanks Mouse, who happens to be 80 years young and thanks Carole for entertaining the girls.  
Lola, Stacie, Ellie, Mouse, and Carole 

 This day the girls opted to stay on the beach and just play, Carole was happy about that. 

The girls have proclaimed that next summer they will paddle all by themselves,
 all they need is a short paddle... we will see! 

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  1. So cool! What a fun sport to get into ;) Loved seeing you girls last week!


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