Friday, April 26, 2013

Painting the town

Last Friday night we had plans to go to the girl's friend's house and play. Those plans got canceled due to our friend being sick. The girls were pretty bummed, but as the saying goes when life gives you lemons just go a head and make some lemonade.That is exactly what these parents did. We said okay girls "Plan B" we're going to Fisha-fetas tonight. Fisha-fetas is the name the girls have given all fancy restaurants. So they both screamed in excitement and ran to their room to get all dressed up for the evening.  This is how they emerged, full Mezzadri Twins style! 

Daddy with his fancy ladies, ready to paint the town.
Off to Fisha-fetas we go! 

At this point the girls are beside themselves, they are simply so happy- the adult world has finally mergered with their make-believe world. 
Into Fisha-fetas we go (aka La PiƱata in Old Town)

The night would not be complete without hitting town,
doing some people watching, window shopping, and of course eating some fancy desert! 

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