Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring break officially started last Friday (good Friday) for us. Usually I have to work on Good Friday, but the district got smart and gave all of us the day off. So we were in for a week and half of work-free fun! 
We started spring break off right with a trip to the Wild Animal Park on Friday. The butterfly exhibit was open and our zoo passes expired at the end of March...so 3/30 we headed out to check out some butterflies. Little did we know all of San Diego had the same idea. We found out about 30 seconds after walking into the park that the butterfly exhibit had given away all of the tickets for viewing times and we were out of luck. I was pretty upset and was pretty much ready to turn around and go home. No butterflies = day ruined for me. Mr. Optimistic aka Tony Mezzadri said "Don't worry, let's go over to the exhibit, I'll get us in." Well as the saying goes, you have to get the card punched once in a while... Tony and his chair charm got us right into the exhibit. Thanks daddy for saving the day! 

Look... a butterfly landed on Daddy's head! 

After all the Easter celebrations, we picked up right where we left  off and headed up for a day of fun with Lindsay, Declan, and Lexi at the San Diego Botanical Gardens on Tuesday
Here are Declan, Ellie, Lola, and Lexi checking out the train. 

All the kids were into climbing trees. 

Lucky us, we got to hang out with the Herkerts two days in a row. 
On Wednesday we spent the day picking fresh strawberries and playing at the park. 

Declan and the girls are having some pretty serious discussions about these strawberries. 

strawberry field races... why not?
Park time...
Poor squirrel.. he doesn't stand a chance against these six kiddos. 
We had to fit in an evening at the park with Bailey over spring break!

On Friday, Tony and I planned a SLOPPY JOE party with the cousins. Of course our Sloppy Joe party was inspired by the Adam Sandler Saturday Night Live skit "Lunch Lady Land" We had all the cousins singing the sloppy joe song! I will have to tell you I skipped the classic Manwich sauce and made my own organic sloppy joes sauce and it was a hit among the kiddos. 

After dinner we set up the living room for a night of fun, 
which included a lot of jumping around, sugar eating, and Star Wars Watching. 

Ellie was hanging on every scene of Star Wars and the Return of the Jedi. 
Liam loved Yoda!

After paddle boarding on Saturday morning we found out that Emma got a new swing in her front yard tree... 
Uncle Drew hung it up just in time for an impromt-tu visit.  

On Saturday afternoon, Declan and Lexi had a duel birthday party and we got to partake in the fun. Open Gym + Cake = a perfect day! 
(I stole some of these pictures off Lindsay's blog)

We ended our spring break with a 5K run around Carlsbad on Sunday morning
The Carlsbad 5000 with the Road Hazard Team... hence the crazy orange shirts. 
Team Road Hazard Below

It was amazing how I brought the stroller assuming to simply push the girls the entire 3.1 miles, but Lola and Ellie had other plans. They both got caught up in the excitement and wanted to run not ride with with us. I will have to say that I learned today that Ellie is the sprinter (our fast twitch muscle girl) and Lola is a long distance runner (our slow twitch muscle girl). Lola was our pacer and wanted to be Kathleen's running partner the whole time. Kathleen and I figured it out and think Lola ran about two miles total...Crazy! 

Ellie on the other hand was sprinting ahead of the pack and wore herself out early in the game, 
but man can she sprint!

Lola and Kathleen (her running partner). 
Mommy and Ellie

Tony and the girls living it up the last night of spring break! 
We got a taste of summer time freedom this week and will be counting down the days until then. 
eight weeks and counting....

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  1. Love that the girls ran with you! So cute! Great seeing you last week!


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