Saturday, May 4, 2013

family fun with Poppi and more...

Fun in front... as summer approaches and the nights get longer all the neighborhood kids tend to gather in the front and just play, sharing each others toys and creating memories. Chalk creations are among the favorite activities. 

Nothing like an ole' Uncle pile up! yeah that's Uncle Mark on the bottom if you can't tell. 
Beach day with Poppi! Poppi was in town so we took advantage of a free Saturday and headed to the beach. It was a great day minus mom getting stung by a bee. 

Beach plus park equals happy twins, especially when Poppi is pushing them to the sky! 

The girls spent the day with just Poppi while I went to work. Fun at the park again. 

Of course I had to drag my dad out on my paddle board. 
He did pretty well, but was a little scared of falling in the cold water... I don't blame him.

Finally the girls begged to have a sleep over with Poppi. So we obliged and let them move their beds to the living room and have a night of fun!

fun week!

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