Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day.

I was awakened by these cuties saying in unison "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy" while holding these handmade cards. Daddy did some excellent coaching. It was the best way I could imagine to wake up on this Sunday. 
 Ellie insisted on "making" me breakfast in bed. So she went to the kitchen grabbed the Cheerios and a bowl. In two minutes, I was served the best breakfast any mom could ask for; a bowl full of Cheerios, minus milk, plus a lot of love. I enjoyed every bite! 
 Of course these ladies couldn't wait to give me my gift, so I opened the presents in bed too! A beautiful silver sand dollar necklace with so much meaning. What a morning. 

Off to Church, the farmers market and then brunch at Solare. 

Our day ended perfect, mama got to watch her little ones play in the sun while she relaxed. 
Bubble chasers...
 and thrill seekers...

 simply beautiful girls... 
These smiles were all I truly needed this Mother's day!  

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