Thursday, May 16, 2013

thoughtful Lola

I can't begin to describe how many times Lola has shown the world her thoughtfulness. I might be bias or simply just don't know two other children the way I know my own, but Lola has a deep since of empathy, more than I have ever witnessed in another child. Sometimes very passively and other times very passionately, she will express her thoughtfulness. For example, when she cried at the end of ET because she knew how sad Elliot was when his best friend had to leave or when she gave me her coveted blankie to sleep with one night when I was sick because she knew it would make me feel better. Granted, our family situation yields many, many opportunities for thoughtfulness to emerge and Lola has not let those moments escape.
My thoughtful Lola taking the long way around to shield her daddy from the rain. 

Lola, wanting to always play the fishy game on her night because she knows that daddy can play with her, and she even has the thoughtful nature (or just fun nature) to even the playing field by using her mouth too! 

The journey of parenthood is a such roller coaster- one learning experience after another. I always feel like I am figuring it out as I go, trying as hard as I can to instill virtues into these impressionable beings. But in the end, if I can simply raise two thoughtful girls who are compassionate and loving, I will feel like I did an okay job! 

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