Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camping - our kickoff to summer

There are many things I like and a few things I don't about camping. Among the things I like about camping,  my very favorite is that it brings the K.I.D. out of the kid. These little ladies were all kid, 100% 4 years old with nothing to do but play all day, all weekend. They took advantage of all the freedom and all the space to do just that! (You will notice that Lola is wearing her bike helmet in most of the pictures, it is because that girl would not stay off her bike all weekend.) That is why I think camping is a perfect way to start the summer. The day after school was out we headed to Dos Picos which is just under an hour away to stay a few nights in a cabin we discovered last year. 
Below is a pictorial review of out first trip of the season!
Camping Mezzadri style- Enjoy! 

It was a great way weekend, but we were all happy to get home where a hot shower was waiting!

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