Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Their faces are a bit more mature, their uniforms skirts are a bit shorter, their hair is a bit longer,  they have gained many friends, made wonderful memories, and shared many learning experiences. Lola and Ellie have grown leaps and bounds this year, their first year of preschool. I cannot even begin to list all they learned this year, this simple exposure to school has inspired and encouraged their curiosity in all things including the world of literacy, writing, and numbers. Today was their last official day of their first year of preschool.  It was a successful first year of school. I would have expected to be a bit more emotional about this first step for Lola and Ellie coming to an end, but honestly the girls and I are so focused on the fun summer ahead - there is no time to get emotional. It's all about summer now! Cheers to a fantastic summer 2013!

Here is the side by side comparison of the first day and last day of preschool year one.

                                  September 2012                                        June 2013


                                    September 2012                                 June 2013                              

Here are Lola and Ellie with their teachers Ms. Suzie and Ms. Eliza on the last day. 
(Ellie looks so happy doesn't she?)

Congratulation Lola and Ellie on completing Preschool Year One with flying colors! 
Mom and Dad are really proud! 

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