Friday, June 28, 2013

Swim Lessons 2013

The start of summer means the start of swim lessons, at least in our family anyway. The girls took two weeks of swim lessons through the recreation department at daddy's Alma Mater USD. Overall, I think the lessons went pretty well. The girls now have a good grasp on the four year old version of the freestyle, they have perfected their float, and most important Tony and I believe that Lola and Ellie are water safe.  They can swim a good distance on their own, float when they are tired, they can dive down to fetch a ring and make it back to the wall independently. They also can jump into the water, swim out to a point and back again without assistance. Though the girls were up and down with their enthusiasm for these lessons, they have come out more confident swimmers and are giving mom and dad a little relief when it comes to summer time water play. 


Action shots....


Ellie braved it the last day of the session and jumped off the big diving board (three times). 

Here is a compilation video of the girls swimming. 

Here is Ellie showing off her "ice cream scoop" strokes
while remembering to flip over and breath when she needs air or a rest.

Lola is much more comfortable swimming in our pool than in USD's pool with the instructor.
I had a video on my phone of Lola showing off what she has learned these past two weeks of swim lessons by swimming the length of our pool on her own, but lost it some how. I am sure there will be many more of those videos to come though!


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