Monday, July 29, 2013

free time and fun...

I am losing track of time these days, which is fine with me. One day is blending into the next as we meander through these long summer days. Here are some highlights from our meanderings.

Hullabaloo Concert
Summer is great for evenings out with the kids... concerts in the park being among some of the favorite, more relaxing evening outings. Last week we headed up to the Botanical Gardens to see a kids band Hullabaloo play. It was a beautiful evening and after the kids finished their pic-nic and warmed up a little bit, they had fun dancing to the music and playing with their friends Declan and Lexi and many others. 

Now the dancing starts! 

The three amigos...Lola, Ellie, and Declan.

Ellie dancing with daddy! 
Lola so cute using my camera, she looks so grown up. 

Pool Time
Of course the girls can't stay out of our pool. Their friends Bryce and Solana came over to play one day. Also the girls knew how much they liked the boogie boards in the ocean they wanted to try them out in the pool.  They figured they would enjoy them just as much in the pool... and they did!  

Paddel Boarding 
My friend Meghan and I found a kid free evening and headed out to paddle on the bay and a HH by the beach. It was Meghan's first time. She did great, despite the jet skier that was determined to make us fall of our boards! 

Laguna Beach 
The girls and I headed up to Laguna Beach the other day to meet my long time friend (since middle school) Anida and her two little kids. The kids all had so much fun together, playing in the ocean and building an incredible sand castle complete with underground tunnels. 
Ellie and Lola are loving their beach days! 

Kaiden and Anabelle
All of the engineers hard at work.. the sand crabs deserve a nice place to live too, right?

Lola and Kaiden became best beds this day. They spent about an hour together in the ocean just playing in the waves, laughing, and falling over the sea weed and each other. She is still talking about how much fun she had. Too cute! 
Ellie, Kaiden, Lola
Little Anabelle didn't want to pose for the picture, so I snuck one. 
Anida and Me after a day in the sun with four kids, picture courtesy of Ellie. 

Sea World
An impromt-tu night time Sea World date with just me and my girls. Not to exclude daddy on purpose, he just didn't qualify for the free passes like the girls and I did (he's not in preschool and is not a teacher). It was a lazy evening full of fun. The girls and I got soaked at the dolphin show and sea sick on the Abby sea star spin, which made for some great fun!

(we moved up to the top out of the "soak zone" AFTER getting soaked, go figure)

No dancing, just observing, for these ladies at Club Atlantis. It looked so fun I wanted to ditch these observers and go dance myself. Maybe next time. 

Day at the Welk
Last year we "stay-cationed" at the Welk Resort in Escondido. So when my friend Lindsay, who is a member there, invited us to come play for the day, we jumped at the chance. The girls were so excited because they remember how much fun they had last summer during our stay-cation. All the kids had a blast playing in the pool, splash pad, and in the spa.
Ellie, Lola, and Declan making at train. 
Nothing like a splash pad with friends.

Lindsay got a new underwater camera and she was able to capture some underwater fun! 
Declan and Ellie had swimming races!
Lola loving the water.
Let's just say there was a lot of synchronized  jumping going on this day!

Swim Spa Fun! 
We headed out for a BBQ at our friends Sean and Suzi's  home is Ramona. They have a large property and just installed this new "swim spa," man did all the kids think it was the coolest thing. They kept playing in the current of the spa and laughing like crazy.  

 Sammy, only one, was getting in on the action too! 

We're loving all the free time and fun summer brings! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the call of the wave

 This past week was a week of transformation for the girls. No longer are our beach trips filled with simple playing in the sand and splashes in the ocean. Our ladies are now wave seekers, seeking what the ocean is so willing to give, a thrill...a rush like no other! Who can blame them, their dad spent his entire youth getting sucked into the call of the wave (frankly, if it wasn't a wave that broke their daddy's neck, he would still be answering it's call) and their mom pretty much would spend every free moment with her toes in the sand. It's in their jeans, so it was no surprise when Lola and Ellie both tried boogie boarding this past week and got hooked, so much so that they have been begging to go back to the beach again and again simply to get back on those boards.  

The girls' first attempt was when we went to Coronado Beach with their friend Ella. 
Lola giving it a go!

Ella gave it a go too!
 Ellie didn't attempt boarding this day until my camera was put away.
Well when their bodies were too tired to keep tackling the waves they resorted to the next best thing! 

 Lola, Ella, and Ellie: sun kissed beach beauties in purple all cleaned up after a fun day at the shore. 
Back at it again, this time it was at Moonlight Beach with their friends Declan, Lexi, and their cousins. 
I had fun helping the girls get into it. Ellie giving it a go!
 Lola perfecting her skills. 

 Little boarders, Lexi and Ella were having a blast too! 

 Wipe Out!

 Pure Joy!

These three ladies, Lola, Emma, and Lilly spent a good part of the afternoon together exploring the waves and figuring it out. They had so much fun, so much so that Lola will not stop talking about when she gets to go back and board with them! 
  Declan is becoming a master at body surfing, braving the deeper waters 
and can teach the girls a few things. 

Off to Ocean Beach, after the girls begged and begged daddy to take them to the beach so he too can see them on the boogie board.

Summer days never get old!
The girls and I are loving our days off and the free time to explore, especially when it comes to exploring the ocean and all it has to offer. 
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