Saturday, July 6, 2013

Family Fun and Fourth of July

...Warning...Long Post... Lots and lots of Pictures...

My brother Matt and his family decided to spend their summer vacation in San Diego! That pleased all of us very much. I don't nearly see as much of my brother as I would like and it is always so fun to get the cousins together. As you will be able to tell from the pictures all of us had a fantastic, chaotic, super fun time just hanging out while spending time at some of San Diego's popular spots. 

We didn't waist any time, the minute the gang showed up, swim suits were on and the kids were pool side having fun together. 
Lola (4), Athena (10), Aiden (6), Haven (8), Ellie (4)
First of many days of cousin pool time fun! 

Athena has taken some grilling lessons from her dad and to my delight she grilled our first night's dinner. 
Off to La Jolla Shores to enjoy what turned out to be a cold day at the beach. None the less we all still had fun and Athena got a much anticipated surf lesson from her Auntie. Also, Lola and Ellie are determined to learn to boogie board this summer. 
Auntie Stacie and Haven
Auntie Stacie and Athena

Lola and Ellie were determined to get Uncle Matt all sandy.

Kids do not feel the cold... hence the three heading in without hesitation. 

Poor Uncle Matt he is definitely out numbered. 
Aiden and Haven digging for sand crabs.
Haven catching a wave on her boogie board.

Liam and Ellie surfing the beach.

Due to the cold, our beach trip was cut short and we headed up to downtown La Jolla for a Starbucks break, ice-cream, and a little shopping.

So of course we has to go paddle boarding with the gang. They all were excited to try it -little did we know that the day we chose to do it, it would be the worst water conditions you could think of... and we didn't quite figure that out until after we rented the boards and were on the water basically paddling in place due the wind and current. It was bust...but at least they all got try it. 

We didn't let the paddle session bust ruin our day, so we headed out to Coronado for some MOO-TIME ice cream, shopping on Orange Avenue, and beach time in front of the Del.

 We were lucky enough to see a group of dolphins swim up the beach just as we got there.

 Haven was a master at finding crabs.

The kids loved playing together at home with all the toys too and with so many kids here the puppet theatre had it's first official puppet show... it was pretty fun to watch. 

We decided to keep it mellow on the fourth and hang around the house for a day of swimming and a BBQ. These four ladies decided to kick off the day with a cannon ball contest. 

Tony and Mo hanging pool side. 
 Me and Tony
 Fun in the pool.

 I'm not sure Ellie could get much higher than this! 

 Daddy and his girls in red, white, and blue.

 Ellie was smitten with Uncle Matt the whole week. She would not let up and teased him like crazy. Ellie definitely has a new buddy! 
 After almost five hours of swimming this gang was a bit tired, so they all snuggled in for a movie while the grown ups BBQ'd good ole' American hot dogs and hamburgers. 

 It wouldn't be Independence Day without a little Watermelon and a lot of S'mores! 
(A first for me.. S'mores on the grill)

 I believe Liam has summed up the delight of the Forth in one picture! 

 Dinner is done and now we are off to take in some fireworks! We headed to Tony's mom's neighborhood in Point Loma to see the three sets of fireworks over the San Diego Bay. It was a great show synchronized to patriotic music. 
Ellie, Haven, Lola, Athena, Liam, and Aiden

 Tony, Mo, Stacie, Matt, Mark, & Missi
 My bros (minus one - missed you Shaun) and me! 
 Waiting in anticipation for the show! 

 Uncle Drew and Aunt Sara hung out with us for the big show too! 

Matt brought his fancy camera and captured this fantastic pics of the fire work show of the San Diego sky line. So cool. Such a great shot to end a super long post. 

Needless to say the girls, Tony, and I needed a day to recoup from all this fun! 
Thanks Matt and Mo for the visit. We enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait to get together again soon for more fun! 

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