Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun at the Farm!

My friend Lindsay organized the ultimate play date. She gathered her friends and then friends of friends to go to the organic Tanaka Farms in Irvine for a day of watermelon picking and farm fresh food tasting. After the girls warmed up to the big crowd they had a blast. I had a great time too. I learned a bit about farming and also about how good veggies taste right after they are pulled up from the ground! 
Lexi, Kiley, Micha, Ellie, Lola, and Declan

 As I said, it took the girls a bit to warm up to the larger play date crowd. 
Here they are avoiding the group picture...only my kiddos. 
 We headed out on a tractor to explore the farm and taste some yummy fresh food! 

 First up was fresh grown cilantro. YUMMY! One of mommy's favorite but not Ellie's. 
One of the cool things about this tractor ride was that if the kids didn't like what they tried they could just toss it over the side of the wagon 
Up next, Carrots! Most of the kids favorites!

 Tomatoes were next, Lola tried them so I guess I had to too (I do not like tomatoes) 
and these were no exception.

At the end of our tractor ride, we all stopped for a lesson from our guide as well as a lot more tasting.
 A form of sweet cantaloupe was up first. 
Yes! Finally the sweet watermelon they had all been waiting for! 

 The girls even got to taste yellow watermelon. A first for me and the girls. It was really good! 
 Off to see the watermelon patch and pick their very own melon. 

 Back on the tractor, this time with watermelons in hand. 

What a fun day full of education and yummy eats! 
Thanks Lindsay for planning it all, it was definitely worth the drive! 

Disclaimer: As you know from this post Lola has had much success with independently riding her two wheel bike without training wheels. So much success that she has become a dare devil; riding super fast, taking turns, and standing on her peddles while gliding. Well, there is always a price to pay for a thrill. Lola fell off her bike last Monday evening. Her top lip and the cement met for a not so pleasant greeting. As a result Lola's front four teeth were knocked loose, the two middle front being the worst hit. The fall caused a bruise on her gum line above her middle two front teeth. Because of the bruising and swelling her left front tooth is significantly lower than the other. After an emergency trip to the dentist, the prescription was simply - time. The good news is that she did not fracture her teeth,  but she did displace them enough to cause significant movement which might result in graying of the tooth or worse having to have the tooth or teeth extracted. We are praying hard that Lola will be clear of the latter, as an extraction  would be pretty traumatizing for a four year. We are thankful her injuries were not worse, but now you know why Lola has a swollen face and a crooked smile in these photos (and I am sure more photos to come). 

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