Friday, July 19, 2013

New beds... bunk beds!

It was time... the girls had pretty much outgrown their toddler beds. They moved from their cribs to their toddlers beds when they were 18 months old. They have had their toddler beds pushed together to make one big bed, put onto separate walls, and then put back together again because they missed each other at night. Tony and I wondered how well the girls would transition to bunk beds. We wondered if they would forgo separate bunks and sleep with each other or would they embrace the independence. We wondered if they would fight over the top or bottom bunk or if they would be scared or excited about the change. 
Well after finding a steal on Craig's list, and employing my dad and brother to help me sand, wash, and paint the bed frame we were ready to install them into the girls rooms. Mark and my dad started off by sanding the frames so I would be able to paint it white and Ellie helped me with the washing. The process was definitely a team effort. 
Let the installation begin...
...the girls were not at all excited to see their new beds come to fruition. 
Installation complete! 
The girls were beside themselves with excitement. They practically spent the remainder of the day in their room playing with and in the bunk beds. And there was absolutely no problem with who had which bunk, Ellie wanted the bottom bunk and Lola wanted to top! I have yet to decide what I want to do in terms of new bedding or room decor in general, so for now the girls settled for simple purple and pink sheets until we figure that out. 
Of course the cousins had to try it our too!

 The last night in their toddler beds...
Lola and Ellie have always wanted their toddler beds pushed together. They made a habit of cuddling together every night. Some nights we would see them sleeping hand in hand or on the same bed wrapped up in each other. It must be a twin thing, they needed to be close to each other to feel safe. This is the  reason why Tony and I did not know how they would respond to the separate bunks. 

The first night in the new bunks...
I think Tony and I had hoped that they would end up in the same bunk, still needing the physical companionship they seeked in their toddler beds. They proved to us once again how grown up they have become. Both girls slept independently in their own bunks. We did hear a lot of excited chatter as they fell asleep, but neither got out of their beds to seek the other. Tony and I did not want to force them apart by getting them bunk beds, we simply wanted to give them an opportunity to be independent of each other and have their own space. For example, Ellie is an early riser and would often wake up Lola. The past two morning since they have been in the bunk beds, Lola has been able to sleep in at least an half hour to an hour past Ellie. Simply, I think it was just a matter of time and the girls are proving to us that they were ready! 

Sleeping Beauties in their Big Girl Bunks!

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