Wednesday, July 17, 2013

our little "Video Star"

Ellie has always been quite musical. She loves to sing along with the radio and to all songs sung in church. She makes up songs of her own and she has the ability to learn songs very quickly. She also loves to experiment with instruments. 

This video I captured of Ellie was a sneak attach on my part,  (hence the reason it is more for the audio than the video). I was folding cloths when I heard this sweet little voice singing a very familiar song. I finally realized it was Ellie playing the guitar while singing the popular 80's song "Video Killed the Radio Star" She definitely knows more of the lyrics than I do. Yes, Tony and I have the Wedding Singer soundtrack as part of our CD roll in the mini-van (don't judge), but it's not like we listen to it over and over again. How does this girl do it? I wish I had a fourth of her memory and a her ability to carry a tune for that matter. 

My sweet Ellie, our little "Video Star"


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