Thursday, July 18, 2013

Visit from Grandma and Poppi

My parents came into town this past weekend to soak up some grandkid time! My mom watched the girls the first night so I could give Tony his official birthday present. A date night to see  the Hewey Lewis and the News Concert at Humphry's By the Bay. It was great evening that started out with a pic-nic at Shelter Island.

We had lots of down time while they were here which included some fun times at the pool. 

One night we headed down to Shelter Island for an evening pic-nic and  play at the park!

My mom and I actually got to spend a no-kid day together shopping, going to lunch, and hanging out in Old Town, we were having to much fun to take pictures. And of course I kept Poppi busy with some home projects (post to come) Thanks Poppi!

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