Tuesday, August 20, 2013

bay, sand, and sea, we love all three!

Paddel Boarding
Though I don't blog much about paddle boarding these days, the girls and I are still hitting the bay.  I often choose to leave my camera behind, simply to take it all in. My friend Leslie captured this picture of the girls and me scoping out huge purple jelly fish while paddling among the boats off Point Loma. 

Summer Nights
Warm summer nights mean trips to the beach with the whole family to enjoy the sunset and simply soak it all in, without a care in the world. Watching children take advantage of this freedom is priceless and all the therapy I need. My heart feels complete in these moments I spend with my family. 

Back to Moonlight Beach
This beach has to be one of our favorites. I believe it's a combination of great company, with a clean beach, and fun waves that makes for perfect days here. We always meet up with Lindsay, Declan, and Lexi at this beach. Usually there are more friends that join our party too. Lola has taken quite a liking to Lily, Lindsay's niece,  who she considered her boogie boarding parter. Too cute. I will for sure miss these days at the beach when school starts (which seems to be fast approaching).

The kids made a huge hole in the sand and set the boogie boards up 
to form a make shift diving board...so fun! 

Time to catch some waves...

and some rays! 

The water brings out the best in us! 

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