Sunday, August 25, 2013

Family Vacation 2013 {part 1 of 3} ... FAMILY

Tony and I started our family vacation / road trip with a nine hour drive to see my parents and extended family. The visit started with a family gathering. Like always, we all have a great time hanging out, catching up, and of course barbecuing! 
Lola, Stacie, Uncle Lynno, Grantie, Tony, Great Grandpa, Poppi, Grandma Mar, Ashley, Uncle Jeff, 
Nanna, Ellie, Aiden, Liam, Uncle Matt, GG. 
 ...the crazy version...
Me with my only aunt and my only cousin aka Grantie and Uncle Jeff! 
 Uncle Lynn and Stacie
 My big bro Matt and me posing while Tony photo bombs us! 
 My Grandparents Marge and John, Lola and Ellie Great Grandparents. 
They have been married for over 65 year. A couple I admire and love. 
 All of us posed with my Grandpa, a man I admire and love so much, who has just recently been admitted to an assisted living home. We all posed simply because we will never be this young again- a quote I steal from my wise grandfather himself.
Glenn (Poppi), GG, Great Grandpa, Uncle Lynn
Auntie Ashley, GG, Great Grandpa, Uncle Jeff
 Me, GG, Great Grandpa, Uncle Matt
 Great Grandpa and Tony
 Grandma, Great Grandpa, Grantie (aka Aunt Robin)
 GG, Great Grandpa, Nanna
Great Grandpa, Ellie, Aiden, and Liam
 Great Grandpa and Ellie (Lola would not pose.. stinker)

We had a lot of fun at Poppi and Grandma's house too. 
We played on the swing, swam in the blow up pool, and just relaxed! 

 Matt took this photo of my Grandpa in honor of his service. 
It was appropriate that he posed with Grandpa and the photo. 

I did manage to get in some girl time while I was home. I was able to meet some of my closest friends from high school for dinner. It was great to see them and catch up. 
Me and Carolyn with our skinny margaritas! 
Heather, Stacie, and Carolyn

 Fun times that are always missed! 
The first leg of our trip was filled with cherished family time and memories that will stay in my heart forever! More memories to come... 

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