Friday, August 16, 2013

on any given day...

you might have to take a double take when considering if Lola is taking care of a real baby or a doll. I can't even begin to describe how seriously Lola takes on her role as a mother to her baby dolls. Most days she has two children named Sleepy and Purply and is pregnant with two more named Tate and Vivian. Lola is intentional, careful, and 100% when it comes to playing the role as a mommy. She will sit with Tony and me and have full on conversations about how her "day" went with her and baby, what her baby did while she was "at work," and talk about how her baby is feeling. Both Sleepy and Purply join us in the car on most of our outing, but if they do stay home when we return Lola picks right up where she left off- feeding and taking care of her baby. 
Lola has this mommy thing down...just look at her set up! 
No detail is missed with my Lola, notice the bib with a real bottle and a purse full of baby necessities to go with it. In case you are wondering, Lola delivered 'Elmo, aka Tate earlier this day.  
To go along with her passion for all things babies, Lola has become obsessed with two scrap books I made. One scrapbook was dedicated to our "road to parenthood" it has all my monthly growing belly pictures which she loves to look at over and over again. The Second is their baby book, which is beyond exciting for her! 
Loving our little mommy Lola!

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