Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

This past week the girls participated in Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church. The girls had a great time at VBS this year. They met new friends, learned a lot a new songs, made lots of crafts, played games, and learned a lot about baptism and faith- the theme for the week. I volunteered this year and ended up being in charge of eight four-year-olds. I had a great time getting to know all the kids and being able to watch Lola and Ellie at VBS, but I did underestimate how tired I would be be by the end of the week! Those kids wore me out,  man am I glad I'm a grade school teacher and not a preschool teacher! 
Craft time....

Time to sing...

Play time...

Yes, they even got to dance at VBS... 
Lola met a new friend Kathleen and had so much fun partner dancing with her. 

Ellie danced too... just solo
More singing after more craft time. Can you tell we learned the story of how the Holy Spirit appeared as flames on the believers' heads (Acts 2:3)?

Since the theme was baptism... what better way to end the week, remembering your baptism by sliding down a jumpy water slide... kidding of course... but this is how the kids got to celebrate the ending to a great week at VBS. 
Lucky Kids! 

What a fun week for the girls. They came away with a new curiosity about God and what belief in him means. I also catch them singing the new songs they learned in the back of the car or when they're together in their room. They even got a chance to sing some of those songs in front of church with the other VBS kids this past Sunday. So proud of them!

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