Monday, September 9, 2013

Annual Mezzadri trip to Coronado - 2013

I don't think we could have planned this trip on a better weekend. The weather was perfect, the sunsets were gorgeous, and the water wasn't THAT cold...right Uncle Tommy? This year Emma's brother Tommy and his wife Phyllis joined us for the weekend. It was great to have them with us, it made for some fun beach days and even more fun evenings. 
I first must apologize for the amount of pictures I am posting, this beach is simply so beautiful I can't help but post a ton.  The first sunset of the trip... the girls were so excited and couldn't wait, they had to grab their suits and boards and head on out. 
Shot of the summer if you ask me... beach love!

Uncle Tommy and Phyllis taking it all in...
Simply Ellie

The next day we headed back to the beach, this time the girls were on a mission to build a fantastic sandcastle, but not before heading into a few waves. Though, I headed out solo to boogie board because the girls weren't into getting on their board this day. Man, I forget how fun boogie boarding is!

Siblings having a laugh- Suzanne and Uncle Tommy

Love Lola's beach hair! 
Ellie.. always seeking a thrill!
finished product...

Resort fun!
Our room had fantastic views and we took advantage of it every chance we got. 

poolside fun
Daddy and Uncle Tommy joined Lola and Ellie in the splash park
 We grilled out the second night while playing a little tee-ball on the lawn. 

 Venus and the moon were visible every night...this shot does no justice. 
The next day was the best ever! The life guards had acquired this fantastic new beach wheelchair since last summer. It was easy to transfer Tony into the chair and head out to the water... where Tony often longs to be. I am not sure who was more excited about this adventure. It was simply so cool to get Tony back out to the water. Not only so he could taste some salt water, but so he too can be involved in the beach activities that the girls absolutely love. Oh the things we take for granted... watching your kids playing the waves... so glad Tony was able to take his girls to the beach this time. 

these two are two peas in pod... so goofy together
I think this is as far as Uncle Tommy made it in... not bad.

 Love these faces...

 We couldn't let our last sunset of the trip come and go without a walk on the beach, so back to the beach we went. 
Emma with the girls. 
 Me and my girls.

 We had to get one group shot before we left. 
Tony, Uncle Tommy, Lola, Emma, Ellie, Phyllis, and Stacie. 

It's bitter sweet... the end of this trip marks the end of a great summer. 
Cheers to fall and football! 

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