Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Destroyers...SEASON TWO

So all of us moms and dads decided to try it again! Last year my friends and I started our very own "mom and pop" soccer team. We named our team the DESTROYERS, rightfully so, as you can imagine... Two, Three, and Four year-olds being coached by their parents to a play a game most of their parents never played (except in high school PE of course), is a sight to be seen. Our 2012 season was far from a stellar performance of athleticism to say the least, but the kids had fun anyway. I will have to note though, we always get walk-ons the day of, from general park participants who are impressed by our efforts. Now, another year older and with possibly more skills and coordination under their belts, we have higher hopes for this season. We are ready: decked out with new shirts and some awesome new team members!
Cheers to a fun and winning 2013 soccer season!
Team members include but are not limited to:
 Ellie, Lola, Ella, Joseph, Henry, Xavier, Sam, Leo, and Vivian.

Lola scoring a goal!
Ellie taking a shot!

Our team completing drills with none other than pregnant coach Leslie.

The kids favorite drill, by far. It's so fun the parents even play.

...and that's a wrap...
Practice is over for the day, time to play! Off to the park these little umbrella ladies go!
Ella, Ellie, and Lola 

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  1. Love the shirts and umbrellas!! That last picture made me giggle out loud!


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