Friday, September 13, 2013

First day of Pre-K

The girls started pre-k last week and that day marked the first day of pre-K and the start of their last year of pre-school. They are attending preschool three days a week this year. The girls were excited about starting this year of school, absolutely no hesitation. They were looking forward seeing their friends and teachers again as well as playing in their new classroom. This year was an easier transition for me as well, but very bitter sweet at the same time. These mile stones just seem to be flying at us faster and faster each and every year. How are my babies starting their last year of preschool already? 

Ellie  and Lola age 4 1/2
My Ellie, so sweet and so grown-up. 
My Lola, so lovely and mature- yet she still needs her blankie. 
 Sister, these girls are so lucky that they get to experience the excitement of life together. 

 My independent little ladies leading the way to their new classroom. 

 The girls were beyond excited to see their new play equipment, 
in what Sacred Heart calls the "Shark Tank" So fun! 
 New classroom, New cubbies, and New centers...
 all because they are in the 4 year-old/ Pre-K class. They are the big-wigs on campus now! 

 Ellie,  One Proud Momma, and Lola. Love these ladies. 

 The "school fairy" came again this year. I am not sure how she knew which car was mommy,  but she left the girls a first day of school treat in their car seats. The girls were beside themselves with excitement when they realized what was waiting for them in the car. The school fairy left them a bag of treats which included M&M, princess tissues, a girlie wallet with a dollar bill inside and yummy chips. 
Lucky Girls!

Here are some shots of the girls during their first week of pre-K. I love that the preschool director sends me periodic pictures of the girls having fun at pre-school. It simply makes my day. 

Can you tell it's Lola who is reading the story to her classmates before nap time.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it? My Lola, a little teacher.
It was a great start to what's bound to be a great school year! 

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