Friday, September 6, 2013

in denial...and trying to stay cool

Though I have started back to work already... I am in complete denial that summer is over and my action are reflecting my denial. We are simply acting as if the whole work/school thing is a side note while we continue to enjoy the long days and this fantastic summer weather we are having! So much so that we even still have a beach vacation to look forward to before we fully submit to the grind.
This past week we had a fantastic, fun morning at Kellogg Beach. It was a morning full of water fun including paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming.
The girls made a "kids paddle board" out of the resources available. So Creative.
Elle Belle
Lola Grace
My mom tried paddle boarding for the first time and did a fantastic job,
she loved it so much we couldn't keep her off of it!
I had the whole gang on my board, I didn't even know it would hold that many. 
Fun time just staying cool with Amy, Leslie, and Mo... the temp was already mid 80s at 10:00 am

These little ladies hopped on the Kayak and acted like pro. Before we could even give them instructions on how to do it they were in the middle of the bay. 

Charger Game and Tailgate
The girls were excited about the Charger game and came ready to cheer them on, but after tailgating for a hour in the super hot weather they were ready to go home before the game even started. Of course we went in anyway and left at half time (pre-season stinks after half time anyway). 

Auntie Missi's baby shower! 
Auntie Missi is pretty much due any day now... so of course we had to shower her with lot of girlie thing! Missi's friend lives in Ramona and has a cool house perfect for the "Country Glam Shower"
There were quite few cute cute there to join in on all the fun!
Ellie, Lola, Sammy, and Lexi... you would think it was a Matilda Jane fashion show. 

Missi, the glowing mama to be, we can't wait to meet baby girl Koehler. 
Present time!

Uncle Mark got quite a welcome when he showed up after getting in from work. 

Go Padres! 
So we decided to attempt the game this past weekend despite the heat. Good thing our friends cam prepared. We took advantage of all the artificial shade their umbrellas provided! 
Marie, Luca, Anna, and Ellie. 
 These three ladies are smart cookies... relaxing in the shade while sharing puffies. 
Anna, Ellie, and Lola. 

 Needless to say there wasn't much game watching going on by the kids, but the Men enjoyed the game.

The last official day of summer break for me, the girls and I of course had to at least dip our toes in the sand. After about a hour of work... we ditched out and headed for pic-nic in Ocean Beach. 

Night swimming...yes please... when it's still 90 degrees outside at 7:00 pm. 
The girls have taken to paddle boarding quite nicely this summer, making their mama proud. So much so, that they practice in the pool with their boogie boards and paddles. 

Now some time for Me Time!
75 degrees at 8:00 am equals a solo surf session before work! I love that this view is part of my commute everyday- why not stop and try to catch a few. TRY being the key word. I am just now getting back into the surf since I was pregnant with the girls. I will say I caught my longest wave ever this morning. It is just a prefect way to start the day. 
I'm holding onto every last minute of summer tightly... off to Coronado for a weekend of beach family fun!

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