Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013 {3 out of 3} ... MAMMOTH

We made it to Mammoth after a beautiful drive east out of Yosemite. We stayed at the Village in Mammoth and the girls were beyond excited to be at the resort and I think even more thrilled that they got some sissy time. This is how they looked two minutes after we arrived at the resort. Cuddled in together on the couch watching some toons. 
We spent the first night just checking out the village with my good friend Meghan who lives in Mammoth for the summer. She was the one who inspired us to make the visit. 
Lola's first ride in a chair lift!

We were in full adventure mode the second day. We started off the adventures by taking the gondola up to the top of Mammoth Mountain. It was great- Tony's highlight of the trip for sure. The girls kept asking for the "spaceship" to go faster.

Meghan, Ellie, and Lola

Made it to the top! 
11,053 feet high is a bit windy

The view from the top! 

When we made it down the mountain, we spent a bit of time at the kid's adventure center. Trampolines, rock walls, and bikes galore! The girls opted out of the zip-line this year...maybe next year. 

Off to the Golf Course, where Meghan's boyfriend Bob works, for some complimentary time on the driving range. Meghan is a pretty good golfer and gave the girls a few lessons. 
Lola getting her first golf lesson!
Ellie giving it a try. 

Of course I had to take a few shots.
 I am not a big fan of golf (yet anyway), but I do love to hit a few on the driving range. 

I guess the girls didn't quite get enough activity in one day and begged us to hit the pool and games at the resort next.

As you can imagine after a day like this the girls crashed fast, so much so that they fell asleep with their cloths on. 
We spent day two at The Mammoth Lakes. 
First stop: Twin Lakes
Next, we stopped at Lake Mary to take the Canoe our for a paddle. 
Here is Tony taking in the view, it was so beautiful!
Meghan and me before we hit the water. 
This activity was right up my alley. It was peaceful, relaxing, and so fun! The girls had a blast and said they even liked it more than paddle boarding because they didn't get wet. By the way there was a few paddle boarders on the water which was very cool! 

Making our own route among the reeds. 

We spent some time just hanging out on the shore. The girls got quite comfortable playing in the cold water and making a bridge out of the fallen tree branch. 

Yoga on the Lake, why not? Though my tree pose looks more like a falling tree. 
That evening we headed to a music and food festival that was happening at the Village. 
Mammoth Rocks- Taste of Sierra
Here are Bob, Meghan, and Tony enjoying some awesome pulled pork sandwiches while listening to live music at the festival. 
Meghan bought the girls "dirt" which rocked their world.
 Ice cream, plus chocolate, plus gummy worms, equals two happy girls. 
a happy couple with the vacation glow 
Ellie and Meghan share a gummy worm... and it was Ellie's idea. 
(she loves the movie Lady and the Tramp)
Tony and Bob
The gang wrapping up the evening and a fun trip, Mammoth style, by enjoying dessert and drinks by the fire.

Needless to say Tony and I wore these little ladies out. They fell asleep on our laps fireside and I am sure they would have slept until we made it home to San Diego the next day if it wasn't for this life size chess set they had been dying to play all week. Good thing it wasn't occupied this time. 

We spent a total of nine days away from home and drove over 1000 miles. We were tired when we got home, but so thankful for such to make such fun and great memories with our little ladies. 

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