Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Preschool Halloween

The girls are loving everything about preschool this year. Especially now that the holiday festivities are beginning. The girls went on their very first school field trip this past week to the pumpkin patch. Daddy and Emma were able to accompany them on this adventure. The girls, Daddy, and Emma had a blast. They completed a corn maze, took a hayride, played games, had a pic-nic lunch, and got to pick out their very own pumpkin. 
Group shot of all the students and their teachers. 
FUN with friends! 

Ellie, Daddy, Emma, and Lola! 

Preschool Halloween Carnival
Lola and Ellie were beyond excited to attend their preschool Halloween Carnival. Tony and I were excited too,  as it was our first attempt at dressing up in our  2013 costumes. As you can see, Lola is a Cute Little Kitty Cat and Ellie is Darth Vader. Ellie and I spent some time making her Darth Vader costume the perfect blend of cute and dark, complete with a homemade belt and chest plate. Uncle Drew donated the face mask with a sound machine to make it come together. Lola fell in love with this Kitty costume in the store, but she let me complete the look with some face makeup. 

At the Carnival, ready for some fun! 
These sisters couldn't be more different, but at the same time so alike! 
Mom and dad tried to join in on some of the fun! 
There were twins all over the place at this Carnival. 
Lola was beside herself when she saw her friend Summer dressed as a pink kitty too! 
Ellie found a few Darth Vaders, but she was hands down the cutest one!
It was a yummy pot luck!
Jumpy time !
Let's decorate some cookies! 

Dinner with daddy.
Time to play games and win some prizes!

Ellie and Lola with their teacher Ms. Sarah. 
What a fun field trip and Carnival. Preschool is the place to be this time of year! 

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